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Duplicate Customers - Transferring Invoices?




  • Tricia

    Hey Marilyn,

    Unfortunately there isn't a way for you to combine duplicate contacts. We can do it here at our office if you purchase a database makeover (complete).  We actually run your database through a special program and have a technician go through any duplicate names.

    Otherwise, You will need to choose one profile to keep.  For the profile you do not want, you should print any invoices in the history and then reverse those invoices. Then you can delete that extra name and re enter the invoices under the profile you are keeping.

  • Marilyn Blucker
    Marilyn Blucker

    Thanks for the quick response.  I was worried that might be the case, but thought I should ask. I will just go through & manually update the invoices.

  • Valita Loser
    Valita Loser

    That seems really time consuming.  I wish Boulevard would make a way for us to do that


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